Axe(wo)manship Course

Eric Schweitzer (Moose Creek Liaison) and I, Steph Wright, (Trail Crew Lead) were lucky enough to start our SBFC season off with a bang! We spent 5 days at Ninemile Wildland Training taking the complete axemanship course, taught by Doug Olive. This course went through everything from proper chopping technique to re-handling tools, even felling trees using crosscuts and axes. We learned the correct way to sharpen an axe, different axe types, and where and when to use them. It was an informative class that gave me a lot of confidence about our upcoming season. It was also productive for SBFC; the tool cache has 2 new very sharp double-bit axes, a beautiful new single-bit axe (Thanks Doug!), and we re-handled a total of 5 pulaskis. We also made connections with other folks in the class, and was offered a large space locally to re-handle any of SBFC’s tools if need be. I look forward to our staff training next week so that Eric and I can take the knowledge that we gained and teach our own folks!