Snowpack and starry skies for the Summer Equinox

Hitch # 1 Blog Post – by Kelsey Johnasen

Hitch 1 for the Bitterroot crew turned into three shorter hitches, which meant we were able to work in three amazing places. We removed down trees from the trails and inventoried campsites. Our first trail was Bear Creek, where we worked through rain and eventually snow, and were rewarded with a beautiful alpine lake, in the afternoon of day three. The crew spent the evening hiking towards the pass above the lake, but unfortunately the trail was under snow and we had to turn back. We made a fire back at camp and Juraj shared a pot of hot chocolate with the rest of us. The next morning the sun finally came out and we hiked out in pleasant weather.

Our second trail was Canyon Creek. The rocky canyon had spectacular views and once again we got to see an amazing lake. The trail had less trees than expected so we finished up two days early and moved on to Sheafman Trail. We camped under a full moon on a rocky outcrop overlooking Hamilton. This job is taking us to some incredible places!