Siah Lake - a day of Celebrations

Hitch #2 Blog Post - by Dani Jones

Hitch two turned out to be a success but it was not without its challenges. As we made our way around the Storm Creek trail up to Siah Lake we ran into some problem trees, some steep climbs, cuts and bruises, and even a lost boot down the creek. Even though we couldn't find one of our trail junctions for half of a morning, we were able to make up time and get stuff done. At times progress was very slow as there were a lot of trees down in some sections, but we were able to push ourselves and make it farther than we expected.
All in all it was a great hitch and we were able to clear most of the trail on our 17 mile loop. We finally made it to Siah Lake on Independence Day, and it was the cherry on top of a hot, hard worked hitch.