From the top of Big Fog Mountain to the bottom of Three Links Creek

Stephanie Wright - Trail Crew Leader

This hitch (9/6-9/14) we cleared from the top of Big Fog Mtn 693 to the bottom of Three Links creek. We cleared over 200 trees 7 of which were over 25 inches in diameter. We also dug 250 feet of tread in sections of the tread that were unpassable. We also cleared drains from the junction of 405 to the bottom of 693. Total trail maintained: 12.2 miles.

About a mile past the junction of 405 and 693 going towards three links, a tree fell and its root wad, which was under the trail at the time lifted, destroying a 75 ft section of the trail. Its not passable where the trail was, but its fairly easy to walk on the uphill side. See attached photos for details.