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Outdoor Conversations Book Club - Chesapeake Requiem

  • Rediscovered Books Boise, ID (map)

The Outdoor Conversations Series is evolving! In an effort to expand our offerings and discover new writers of both fiction and non-fiction, we've decided to take it in a new direction in 2019. We will continue to focus on books that connect readers with the wilderness and to provide more association between our community and the Idaho Outdoors.

Join us for a moderated discussion on Chesapeake Requiem by Earl Swift

Chesapeake Requiem:

"Earl Swift was a reporter for the Norfolk, Va., Virginian-Pilot when he first stepped onto Tangier's marshy ground in the summer of 1999. Swift says the people he met there left a deep impression on him. "They were tough and self-reliant, as you'd expect in such an outpost, but also warm, loving, and full of humor. And they all were players in a true community — Tangier lived up to that label more than any place I'd ever been." And they knew that their way of life was in danger, Swift says: "One after the other, townsfolk told me about the existential dilemma facing the place: that the waters that had long sustained the place with its fish, crabs and oysters were now poised to erase it." Still, many of the islanders did not believe in climate change (and voted overwhelmingly for Donald Trump in 2016). The book is a braid of three narrative threads, the first detailing the island's history, the second the science of climate change and its effects, and the third a rough chronology of Swift's time there."
-Petra Mayer, NPR