July 19–27: Rikk & Rachel's Beaver Jack Trail photo blog

Just in from the backcountry: Photos and captions from Wilderness Ranger Intern Rikk Dunn and Lead Wilderness Steward Rachel Kaufman's first hitch logging out Beaver Jack Trail and Cayuse Mountain Trail in the Selway-Bitterroot Wilderness. Rikk and Rachel cleared over 500 trees using a variety of levers and fulcrum techniques.

Rikk Dunn riding up Scimitar Ridge Trail #36 to our first camp at the junction of Trail #13 and Trail #36. A somewhat questionable camp with a few dead trees surrounding the site. Photo: Rachel Kaufman.


Setting up camp at midnight! Camp was in an open meadow at the junction between Trail# 13 and Trail #37. Photo: Rikk Dunn.


A clear night from our second camp at the junction of Beaver Jack Trail #37 and Cayuse Mountain Trail #13. We arrived at this camp at midnight after winds moving through scared us out of our other camp! Photo: Rikk Dunn.