June 20-27: Around the switchbacks & to the top!

With nearly a month of training under our belts, there was little else that we wanted to do other than get our hands dirty with the real deal. Our first hitch had us working up the Chamberlain Trail in the Frank Church-River of No Return Wilderness. Starting from a quaint in-holding called Campbell’s Ferry, I worked with Wilderness Ranger Intern Ben Barry and SBFC Programs Director Eric Melson the eleven miles up to the top of Trout Peak. The hillside was hot and the switchbacks plentiful, yet the work that we were able to get done was rewarding and the view from the peak was staggering. All that’s left to be said is . . . “Trail Clear.”      — Erick Ellison, Wilderness Ranger Intern


“To the Top!” That was our motto for the week. It took us six days of brushing, cutting, retreading, and water barring before we made the summit. There, we ate our lunch amidst intermittent rain and enjoyed the warm feeling of accomplishment.

     — Ben Barry, Wilderness Ranger Intern


Frank Church-River of No Return Wilderness.