July 21-25: Going to Church


I’ve never been to Church before, but this summer I will be spending most of my time there. And by most of my time, I mean more than a month wandering through the depths of the Church’s nooks and crannies. I would guess I’ll become one of the most reliable Churchgoers around — maybe even going into the Church more in one summer than some will in a lifetime — although that’s not to say that I will even scratch the surface of what the Church has to offer. One could easily spend many lifetimes in the Church and come out with more questions and new places to explore.

When entering the Church, one most go by foot to preserve its history so future generations can enjoy its vast bounty. The Church’s floor is often full of dirt, grass, and vegetation, and the paths through are often riddled with downed trees. The ceiling changes by the day; some days it’s a crystal blue, and some days it’s dark as night with streaks of lightning exploding from the sky. With all of the beauty the Church holds, it can also be a volatile place, making the common Churchgoer very uneasy.

The Church has many reoccurring characters that I’ve already run into on numerous occasions this summer. Some of these permanent fixtures have been in the Church for hundreds, if not thousands, of years. One of the most prevalent figures is the Salmon River, with its Middle, North, South, and Yankee Fork that dominate the Church’s landscape. A common visitor to theChurch is fire. The light that comes from above streaks the landscape and bursts into flames. This natural process ends life, and creates new life. It is a vital part of keeping the Church new and alive. Tampering with the Church’s will is a dangerous game, and has been attempted in recent years, but with little avail.

While I will only be spending this summer in The Church, I can imagine I will spend many more in various Churches across the world. Not to say that this Church is any better than another. Each Church has something special to offer, and can bring to light new experiences and thoughts. All I know is that I will be a going to Church religiously for the rest of my life, and not only on Sundays.

     — Jacob Mandell, Wilderness Ranger Intern | July 25, 2013