What kind of safety protocols does SBFC have In place for Projects?

Safety is our highest priority on our trips.  Before any work is done, volunteers will receive instruction on how to properly use tools and ergonomics to prevent injury while performing trail work. Further, each morning begins with a daily safety briefing, which includes proper use of Personal Protective Equipment, back-country safety, and tool use. 

Prior to each project, the local USFS dispatch center receives an administrative tracking form which indicates the exact location of camp, work, and a helicopter evacuation zone. SBFC crew leaders will check in via radio with the Forest Service every day, twice a day, and are in regular communication about any hazards such as weather or fire.  Crew-leaders carry satellite emergency transceivers to check in or summon help in the case of a radio malfunction.

Additionally, each SBFC Crew Leader is currently certified as a Wilderness First Responder. The crew leader carries a well stocked first aid kit. If you are prone to blisters, we recommend you pack a personal stash of tape and band-aids. If you enjoy some ibuprofen, bring a personal stash. 


In the event that a field volunteer needs to be contacted, please call the Selway-Bitterroot Frank Church Foundation office. You can also try SBFC staff at any hour in event of true emergency.

Sally Ferguson
Executive Director
Mobile: 208-871-1906